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Benefits Of DNA Activation.
#1   Reduction of pain
#2  Increased Immune function
#3  Stress Reduction & Relaxation
#4   Super Boosted Healing Response
#5   Relief from Depression & Anxiety
#6   Cessation of Sleep disorder and Insomnia
#7   Physical healing for illness & diseases
#8   Enhanced energy levels throughout the day

Enhanced my pshychic abilities and made my readings more effective and accurate for my clients.

By:Renu Mittal

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01. A Journey to your true Self

This beautiful guided meditation helps you to resolve your day to day life issues by connecting The SOURCE, the Creator. Regular practice of this CD is a miraculous tool to change unwanted information from your DNA and replace it with new informationto make your life smooth and happy

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DNA Activation
By:Monica Nagpal

DNA Activation
By:Monica Nagpal

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